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Clara, rhino superstar and wonder of the Grand Tour
Clive Stewart-Lockhart Tuesday 11 December 2018

Brought up as a house pet by a Director of the Dutch East India Company in India, from a young age, Clara was shipped to Holland in 1741 and spent nearly 20 years touring Europe as one of the wonders of the age.  She visited all the major Courts of Europe including to King Louis XV of France, dying in London in 1758. She was recorded in paintings, prints porcelain, bronze, clocks and even hair styles.  This talk explores the charming story of this magnificent beast, only the third or fourth rhino to be seen in Europe, through contemporary records and works of art.

Clive Stewart-Lockhart

Studied on the Sotheby's Works of Art course and has now been working in the fine art world for 40 years. He has been a specialist on the BBC Antiques Roadshow for over 20 years.